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Our coffee and macadamia nut estates in Africa make up the core of the our plantation business. Dedicated to producing the highest quality coffee and macadamia nuts, we have invested substantially in our processing facilities and have recently opened a state of the art macadamia nut processing factory in Southern Malawi.

Our plantations include Sable Farming Company Ltd comprising the Mpanga estate in the south and the Ngapani estate in the east of Malawi produces coffee and macadamia nuts and houses the only integrated milk and processing diary in the country.


Our Estates in Malawi produce & export quality high grown washed Arabica coffees in earning valuable foreign exchange for the country .Sable Farming has over 560 Ha under coffee.

Sable is a member of the East African Fine Coffees Association and Sable’s Mapanga coffees have been sold in Europe in Green Bean form  for many years being a balanced cup with medium acidity and body


All of our macadamia is sourced from our own estates in Malawi ensuring quality is maintained throughout. Producing over 40% of the country’s macadamia we continually seek to add value at origin for the benefit of staff and our hosts. The highest quality is assured by watchful eyes and skillful hands, while our commitment to caring for the environment sees to it that nothing is wasted.


The Mapanga dairy has been the largest dairy farm in the country with over 270 Holstein-Frisian cows .Sable has now launched ‘Mama’s choice’ brand of pasteurized and  homogenized milk. ‘Mama’s Choice is 100% fresh. The milk packed at source and full of rich creamy goodness, it is the milk of choice in the southern region of Malawi